Wednesday, February 25, 2015

The Future

By: Stewart Brennan

You and I are just singular points of view made up of experience, and programming where we triangulate perception through a nexus of our past history. Each one of us has a different past with different connections that comes from the culmination of many pasts comprised of many experiences that should, ideally, give rise to many possible futures.

However, humanity has embraced a system of thought that came into being by the greed of an individual, and therefore is on course to experience that thoughts ultimate conclusion.

Only one societal future will materialize on the collective path we have chosen. The consequences of our decision to steer away from a symbiotic relationship with the planet to one of consumption and greed carries resource depletion through our ever-growing insatiable thing needy population.

Today we see the effects of this parasitic system in collapse through the increase of war, famine and collapse of social structures. Somewhere down the road, business as usual will no longer be an option. There will not be a middle ground because we will be faced with a choice to either evolve or perish.

It is hoped that an awakened population will put an end to this immoral system before it destroys us; while it’s also hoped that a clear understanding of what is important to sustain life will manifest itself in permanence.

The future is predictable today, as we see the last gasp attempts of greed to control resources at the expense of civilization. Those who harness the system are not looking down the road to real solutions and are clearly seen running head first into the proverbial brick wall.

All points of view will face this crisis, and those that say they care for you will be faced with this very scenario.

Slowly, the general population will realize that the decision for our survival rests in our own hands. All we have to do is organize and start a reverse course into a period of transition back towards a symbiotic relationship with the planet, while fostering an education on taking responsibility for reducing population in a natural way.

However the current greedy trend is standing at the edge of existence, in the realm of reality, and making decisions on your future.

Collapse – Michael Ruppert

Sustainability 101 - Dr Albert Bartlett

Global Perspectives and Psychedelic Poetics - Terence McKenna

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