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Awakening Voices – Issue 01

Awakening Voices: Issue 01
By: Stewart Brennan

Hello, welcome to the first edition of, “Awakening Voices” a unique monthly post that brings a wide range of interests together to present the independent, community minded spectrum of Art, Music, Poetry, Photography, Journalism, and Activism.

Each post going forward will present a nexus of people, with a sample of their creativity, their works of art, enlightenment and / or reporting that have, at their heart, the properties and essence for building stronger human foundations and communities. All those presented will be “Alternative Voices” working to enlighten us while trying to make the world a better place.

Today’s post will feature the soul quenching folk roots music of “Rising Appalachia”, the soulful poetry of Stewart Brennan, the amazing photography, prints and art of “Tariq Dajani” and the courageous investigative journalism of “Eva Bartlett”.

Meet four threads of consciousness within the human fabric, all of whom create and work within the realm of empathic vision and task.

Be sure to visit their websites where you can see, hear and read more of their work while finding out what they are up to; and don’t be shy in sharing this post with your online community, sharing is caring while also lighting up and expanding our collective consciousness…be the light. 😉

Music: Rising Appalachia

Rising Appalachia are a self-made musical success story founded by sisters Leah and Chloe Smith who’ve established an international fan base due to relentless touring, tireless activism and a perseverance to be independent while nurturing the true qualities of freedom.

As world travelers for nearly two decades, Rising Appalachia have evolved into one of the most premier folk groups on the planet today. Along the way, they have experienced many cultural music traditions which have influenced their own southern folk, roots style music to create a rhythmic soul lighting down to earth musical experience that connects and lights up the spirit through their very positive energy flowing music and performances.

Rising Appalachia’s latest album “The Lost Mystique of Being in the Know” is a testament to how absorbing their music can be, and as always, it comes at a very important moment in time, as most of the world is still in the grips of a lockdown...a lockdown of despair that has many holding their breath under a sea of negative energy…Picture “Pepper Land” overrun with “Blue Meanies” where everyone is frozen in-place or in a bubble of silence…but then, the miracle happens and Pepper Land turns from dystopia to utopia by the positive energy of music.

“Catalyst”, opens Rising Appalachia’s new soulful album which sets the tone for the eight songs that follow as they call out in poetic rhythm to bring about a transformation in consciousness, urging us to take the reigns in these dark times and begin the healing.

The album of nine songs connects deep within and takes the listener on a rhythmically healing journey, one which is certainly needed at this point and time. “The Lost Mystique of Being in the Know” is already a favorite of mine and destined to be one of my favorite albums of the year, and why not, it’s that good. ~ Stewart ~

Rising Appalachia Are:

Leah Song - vocals, banjo, bodhran
Chloe Smith - vocals, fiddle, double bass
Biko Casini - djembe, calabash kit, percussion
Arouna Diara - N’Goni, balafon
Duncan Wickel - fiddle, cello
David Brown - guitar, double bass

All songs written, produced, and performed by Rising Appalachia.

Together, their blend of folk, world, and urban music has become a calling card to the soul in fans around the world. “Rising Appalachia”.


Keep Going



Buy Full Album at Bandcamp:
(Released May 01, 2021)


Official Website
World United Music Profile (2011)

Store - Bandcamp

Poetry: Stewart Brennan

About: Stewart Brennan

Born in Montreal, Quebec, Canada in 1960, Stewart Brennan is a Canadian poet, writer, blogger, geo-political and economic analyst, lean manufacturing specialist, critical thinker, activist, video producer, photographer, and music promotor.

Stewart just released his first book called, “The Activist Poet” which combines his memoirs, poetry, activism and social political commentary while weaving together his experiences, impressions and observations made during the economic decline of North America between 1970 and 2021.

An avid reader and analyst on geo-political and economic trends, Stewart also weigh’s in on past and current events while also painting emotional expressions of the human condition through thought provoking poems.

“I believe that everyone born into this world has a mission to fulfil and while maybe not readily aware of the details at first, the mission does eventually become clear to those that have been awakened.”

“The path we set out on when we’re younger never ends the way we envision, because the road ahead for most of us is not guaranteed regardless of one’s standing or education, especially when you learn that nothing is truly in your control. You have to fight or surrender. I’ve been fighting injustice all my life and continue to do so more intently the further down this timeline we go, my book is a testament to that so I guess it’s safe to say, I have not surrendered.”

“I don’t like what the deep state has to offer, so I decided to build my own World where creativity, music, and truth prevail. Therefore, I became a photographer, writer, video producer, news reporter, music promoter, radio DJ, poet, activist, and problem solver with a focus and vision on building community while trying to leave the world in a better place.”

Stewart’s experience over the years has taken him through the Aerospace / Aviation, Packaging, Transportation and Logistics Industries in managerial positions and later as an author via several blogs including World United News, World United Music, World United Awakening, Alternative Views and SF Brennan Art, a blog of creative writing, poetry and prose.

He’s had several poems published in Diana Thoresen’s “Red Hibiscus: Anthologyseries Volumes 17, 18, 19, 20 & 21 as well as in an “All Poetry” Group Publication,Late Night Poets Virtuosos” & “Late Night Poets Anthology Volume 1 & 2

Stewart has been writing and archiving information on World United News since 2007 and is known for his economic analysis and critical thinking on geo-political and geo-economic events. He’s also been published on Global Research, the center for research on globalization.

Stewart Brennan is also the creator, producer and promotor of World United Music, a project that started in 2010 promoting signed, unsigned and independent musicians and bands.

Stewart offer’s two poems today, “The Dancing Light” being one of 83 poems from his book “The Activist Poet” which was inspired by a Piano composition by Russian Composer Vadim Kiselev called, "Les danses de la lumière". The music composition can be heard in the video below his poem. The second poem, “The Taurid Collision is Coming”, is a new poem and will be in his second book “The Activist Poet” (Volume II) scheduled for publication later in 2021

The Dancing Light
By: Stewart Brennan

Grey skies shade my thoughts with sorrows,
my essence a prisoner of sadness,
hope uplifts all my tomorrows,
but realities drive me to madness.

A glow illuminates over the bog,
gracefully waltzing out of reach,
it’s shadows shiver in the fog,
with lessons destined to teach.

The road ahead lingers fright,
my path revealed in dreams,
and when awakened by chill of night,
the light shines down in beams.

I race to capture understanding,
cumbrous weight denying me,
yet the light ahead begins expanding,
and reveals the truth to me.

Vadim Kiselev - Les danses de la lumière 

Vadim Kiselev Official Website 

The Taurid Collision is Coming

Hurry to the Serapeum,
Saqqara on Giza’s plateau,
bring all of mankind’s achievements,
so the future will come to know,
an asteroid smashed our planet,
and brought our world to an end,
let’s give some hope to survivors,
so that they might rebuild again.

A seed bank of agriculture,
engravings of mathematics,
entombed underground our history,
with electrical schematics.

Each culture brings what defines them,
in a way that stands against time,
with maps and science for bearings,
and star charts to help with their climb.

Bring it to the Serapeum,
the lifeline that we will bestow,
our history encased in granite,
all gathered on Giza’s plateau.

About this Poem: About 12,900 years ago, the Earth was hit by a comet that broke up into many pieces hitting and melting the Ice Sheets of North America and Europe, ending the last ice age. (Some of the ice was two miles thick.) The resulting flood and rapid climate change, wiped out thousands of plant and animal species and raised the oceans between 200 to 400 feet causing a breakdown of the ocean conveyor which in turn caused a rapid change in climate known as the Younger Dryas period.

When looking at all the ancient sites around the world in Egypt, Peru, Turkey, India, and many, many other places that are above water, the precision megalithic building and shaping of stone, makes it clear that there was a more advanced civilization here before us. Accademia would have you believe otherwise, however, in the Internet era, they can no longer hide or deny what is staring the world in the face…that a civilization more advanced than our current one, once thrived on this planet but when it was destroyed, it sent mankind back to a survival mode and reset.

Our civilization today is what has emerged from that new beginning yet even today we do not have the technology to shape or form stone as those ancients did.

It is my belief that this advanced civilization knew about its demise and set out to preserve their advanced knowledge and buried it in the perfectly squared, hollowed out granite boxes at the Serapeum at Saqqara. The Serapeum itself, is a wonder if you consider how they moved 100 ton rectangular stone boxes underground, down long corridors and into their resting place which leaves very little room to maneuver.

If we are to look at mankind’s rapid rise over the past 160 years, it coincides with the discovery of the Serapeum at Saqqara in or around 1860. At no other time in history has mankind evolved so quickly. We went from wooden wheels to rocket ships and nuclear energy in a flash when compared to the time before. Here is a great missing link in the puzzle of our past and very much worth our attention.

Stewart’s Website & Links:

Book: The Activist Poet - Volume One

Link to Book in Canada

Link to Book in UK

Art & Expressions of SF Brennan
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Photography & Prints & Art: Tariq Dajani

About: Tariq Dajani

Born in England to a Palestinian father and an English mother, Tariq has worked and lived in a number of countries throughout Europe and the Middle East. The experience of living among different cultures and communities, fostered Tariq’s great appreciation of the worlds mosaic of people and cultures, which groomed his natural perceptions of the world.

Tariq’s craft in photography and printmaking was shaped over 25 years through commercial work in advertising and design in London, Stockholm and Dubai, and also through his personal work on various artistic projects.

Beyond the intellectual and technical realms, his interest in art leans towards the emotional and the aesthetic. When a work of art catches his eye, it is because he is drawn to it emotionally.

“Without knowing why, I instinctively know how it makes me feel. When working creatively I aim for elements of beauty and simplicity to naturally, even poetically, come together, and to inform the heart of the vastness within us.” ~ Tariq

A favorite quote of Tariq:

“It is only with the heart that one can truly see. What is essential is invisible to the eye" ~ Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, "The Little Prince"

Tariq - "The picture above marked the start of my career in photography. It was my first print in a ‘proper’ exhibition held at the Photographers Gallery, London in 1994 - about 26 years ago. The exhibition entitled Freedom Now was to raise funds for liberated South Africa’s Voter Education campaign. I was delighted to be told that my print sold at the very beginning of the exhibition!

The image was photographed during a 6-month trip to Mexico and Guatemala. It shows a group of indigenous Maya women walking past the austere-looking Iglesia de Santo Domingo of San Cristóbal de las Casas, Chiapas, leaning forwards under the weight of the bags on their backs.

While I normally printed my own photographs, this time I chose to use the services of Danny Chau, then the best B/W printer in London. I recall Danny asking me if this was it, that I was going to quit my day job and go into freelance photography seriously? And if so, would I do editorial or commercial work for clients or would I be an artist? He warned me that commercial work might pay the bills, but it would kill the truly creative soul! He was right - in a way. I had to earn an income so eventually I did do commercial work, but I also continued with my own personal art projects on the side. I hoped to find a balance, and that the technical skills required for high level commercial work would feed into my ability to produce better quality art work. And that is what happened. There were many times when I felt as if I wasn’t getting anywhere, though I never once thought to give up. Eventually, the persistence and hard work paid off - not financially, but soulfully!

Less than a decade ago, I gave up entirely on commercial shoots for clients and decided to focus solely on personal work. I now live on a rural, organic homestead in Galicia, north-western Spain, with my family that includes Arabian horses, Saluki dogs and cats. I continue to pursue new art projects and to exhibit regularly. I also run workshops and teach the ancient and very beautiful craft of photogravure printmaking (photo-etching) as well as some photography courses in my 120-year old farmhouse studio. Being a photographer-printmaker remains challenging, and it still isn’t easy, but should it ever be?

Still life from nature: “Quince I & II, 2020”

In hommage to the C16th Spanish still life master Juan Sánchez Cotán

Autumn is the season of the rich colours of the turning leaves and the final ripening of certain fruit. The quince is one of those fruits whose velvety texture and deep yellow, dimply skin lends itself perfectly to still life. This classic setup is simple, yet remains timelessly pleasing to behold.

Two horses coming together, to greet each other respectfully, thoughtfully, gently... essential sentiments that we severely lack in the world.

Let us dream of a better world. Let us be the change we want to see.

Investigative Journalism: Eva Bartlett

About: Eva Bartlett

Eva Bartlett is an independent investigative journalist, writer and rights activist with extensive reporting experience from the Israeli occupied Gaza Strip and from inside western backed terrorist besieged Syria.

Eva lived on and off in Gaza for three years and reported from there from late 2008 to June 2010, and then off and on from 2011 to March 2013. She has also visited Syria 14 times, (twice with official delegations) where her investigation and reporting in war zones like Aleppo, Homs, al-Waer, Madaya, al-Tall, Damascus, Dara’a and Douma Syria, have helped lift the veil of western media propaganda on what was really going on over there.

Truth and information are important foundations in our democracies, without it our democracies will perish, yet truth in reporting it’s practically non-existent in our western mainstream media, nor do our governments tell the truth in anything that matters. Whereas “REAL” investigative journalists such as Eva Bartlett do outstanding jobs relaying the truth from the war zones that our western countries have instigated, armed and funded. Eva’s reporting from Gaza Palestine and Syria have been outstanding as she goes where mainstream media does not.

In March 2017, Eva was awarded the “International Journalism Award for International Reporting” by the Mexican Journalists Press Club and was also the first recipient of theSerena Shim award”, an honor which is given for uncompromising integrity in journalism.

Eva’s story is unique and has played an important part in history by bringing truth to the world when none existed in the western mainstream media and government offices. It is my considered opinion that “Eva Bartlett” should be celebrated in every country that calls itself civilized for her dedication to humanity, human rights, peace, justice and her drive in uncovering the facts.

Douma: Three Years On - How independent media shot down the false “chemical attack” narrative.

All of Eva Bartlett’s writing and videos on Syria can be found here
and here:

A more detailed account of her activism and writings can be found here

Eva’s social media sites

[01] VIDEO: Syria Insider interview with Eva Bartlett

Election’s celebrations & cruelty of Western sanctions against the Syrian people

Eva talks about the vibe around the presidential elections in Syria and what she saw during and after the election’s, including the massive celebration in central Damascus. Eva also talks about the criminal western sanctions and their support of terrorism against the Syrian people.

[02] Eva’s latest Post (June 12th, 2021): Ukraine

Eva address issues which Ukraine, the West’s client state, does not like and you could end up on a ‘hit list’ because that’s apparently how flourishing democracies roll.

Last week, photojournalist Dean O’Brien participated in a United Nations meeting to give his perspective on the war in Donbass, Ukraine’s breakaway region in the east. Shortly after the discussion, Dean O’Brien came under fire from the Ukrainian embassy in the UK.

However, smears from Ukrainian officials are nothing compared to what the controversial ‘enemies of Ukraine’ database, the Mirotvorets (Peacekeeper) website, could bring.

In May, O’Brien and I discussed this hit list, noting that we were both on it, with photos of us published on the witch-hunt website...

You can read the rest of Eva’s report at the following LinkKiev government’s Kill list includes reporters

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