Saturday, January 4, 2020

Framing Reality

There is a better way to live on this planet than the current way we've been programmed to...something I've been saying and writing about for a long time. Here's a really good video representation of our reality and a different reality we should be moving towards. It's time to start rebuilding our world!

Video Description:

"All humans on the planet are living under an illusionary paradigm that can be compared to what was presented in the 'Matrix'. A mental prison that exists within the minds of the collective. This prison exists as the societal paradigm we have chosen to accept. That is all cultural, religious, political and economic doctrines.

Based on the works of the late Jacque Fresco -- who provides solutions to the human race -- this documentary is a psychological and sociological breakdown of our society.

- Showcasing the Multigenerational Reconstruction Project, which will be necessary to shift humanity from the path of self-destruction.

- Presenting alternative solutions to the world’s problems. Such as new social paradigms which render the current model of living obsolete." – David Al-Badry

Great job on the Video David!

Video Source: David Al-Badri


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